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What are the commonly used protection methods for portable mobile dr? What are the advantages of mobile dr apps?

The emergence of portable mobile dr greatly facilitates the examination of critically ill patients. For critically ill patients who cannot be moved to the DR room for examination, the mobile dr can be pushed to the bedside for imaging examination and diagnosis, which greatly reduces the risk of transport of critically ill patients. The radiation protection equipment such as lead walls and lead doors in the conventional DR room has also become a problem that needs attention. Then, in the process of using portable mobile dr, how should medical staff and clinical patients be protected? How to solve the radiation problem?

Common protection methods for portable mobile dr:

1. Clear the scene before exposure.

Before exposure, the operator informs the surrounding evacuees to leave temporarily, usually at a distance of two meters. Before, X-rays were always called X-rays. This is an invisible light. Therefore, hidden behind thick buildings, such as , turning a few walls, the ray refraction is greatly reduced. You can imagine that an X-ray machine is a light bulb with high power. The brighter the light you can see in the dark night, the greater the radiation you will receive. (If the site cannot be cleared, when using it in the ward, protective measures should be taken for patients adjacent to the bed, and the useful harness should not be directed towards other patients.)

2. Use protective equipment together.

If there are still people around who cannot leave, it is recommended to separate them with mobile lead screens. When operating the portable mobile dr, the staff should wear lead protective equipment, such as lead clothing, lead scarf, lead glasses, lead cap, etc. When filming, stay as far away as you can. When exposing, choose high kV, low mA, and small exposure conditions for photography.

3. Familiar with the operation method of the equipment.

Try to achieve a one-time exposure, to avoid repeated shooting, and produce larger radiation.


Although X-ray radiation is harmful to the human body, with the continuous update and development of medical imaging equipment, the radiation dose of portable mobile dr is very small. For patients, they may not be able to take several films a year. Don’t worry too much about radiation problems. Medical staff must take good radiation protection measures, which can greatly reduce the harm of radiation, and can better play the important role of mobile dr. Harm of X-ray radiation to human body.

What are the application advantages of portable mobile dr?

1. Small size and light weight. There are many inconveniences when performing bedside photography in the ICU ward or some special patient wards. There are various therapeutic instruments and monitoring equipment around the patient, and the range for the machine to operate is narrow, which is not conducive to the placement of the machine. Portable mobile dr is light in weight, small in size and easy to place.

2. It is flexible to move and easy to operate. The dual-wheel dual-drive electric power assist system is adopted, which is easy to implement and can realize zero-radius turning, which is convenient for moving in small spaces. The combination of dual motors and sophisticated mechanical design makes it easy for female operators to push with one hand.

3. Flexible positioning, multi-angle shooting. Equipped with an ultrasonic ranging beam limiter, it can digitally display the SID photography distance and assist in rapid positioning. Accurate positioning can be achieved without frequently moving the patient.

4. The radiation dose is small. With double exposure design, the exposure remote control can be used to achieve compartment operation, which can effectively achieve distance protection from radiation, and the clinical application is convenient and free, which greatly protects medical staff from ionizing radiation damage.

5. Intelligent control. Large-size high-definition touch screen, touch response is fast, and the screen image is clear. The workstation is equipped with a dedicated image processing software developed by Puai, and has a number of clinically necessary functions.

As the application market of portable mobile dr expands, it will be used in more and more departments, and its advantages will become more and more prominent. The mobile dr of Perlove Medical has the characteristics of high power, flexible movement, strong adaptability to the working environment, and low radiation dose. It can meet the special use of isolation wards, ICU, emergency room, respiratory department and CDC, saving patients. Precious time. If you want to know about our mobile dr, you can pay attention to "Perlove Medical".

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