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What is a mobile 3D C-arm? Introduction of clinical advantages of mobile three-dimensional C-arm

The standard name of C-arm is C-arm X-ray machine, which is a type of medical imaging equipment based on X-ray imaging. According to the structural mode of the C-arm, it can be divided into two types: fixed type and mobile type. Among them, the mobile C-arm has occupied a wide range of markets because of its convenient movement, easy coverage of multiple operating rooms, relatively low price and fully meeting clinical needs. It plays an important role in many surgical scenarios such as orthopedics and surgery.

The traditional mobile C-arm provides two types of images, fluoroscopy and photography, in clinical practice, and uses two-dimensional images from different angles to help doctors judge the information in the target area of surgery. With the development of technology and the increasing demand for accurate surgery, simple 2D images gradually cannot meet the information requirements for surgery. At this time, the mobile 3D C-arm came into being. So do you know what is a mobile three-dimensional C-arm?


Mobile 3D C-arm, also known as orthopaedic 3D C-arm, is an upgraded C-arm that combines traditional 2D and "CT-like mode", which can quickly generate transverse, sagittal and coronal planes during surgery Tomographic and 3D stereoscopic images. Through tomographic images in different directions, the anatomical results of the vertebral body and its accessories can be displayed more clearly and completely, and the three-dimensional spatial relationship between lesions and surrounding tissues can be intuitively analyzed. 3D tomographic imaging can make surgical simulation and surgical plan formulation more accurate. .

What are the clinical advantages of the mobile three-dimensional C-arm?

1. Rich real-time information


Intraoperative 2D imaging

It can be seen from the figure that the two-dimensional image can provide an overlapping image of the target area on a certain plane. Although the image has a relatively rich amount of information due to the density difference of different tissues of the human body, the overlap between tissues still occurs, such as Many information such as spatial location is lost or unrecognizable in the image, which affects the collection and application of information by doctors.


Intraoperative 3D imaging

The MPR image group of the 3D image can be divided into different planes, so that richer information in the imaging area can be presented. In particular, cross-sections, which cannot be covered by 2D images, provide an amount of information in another spatial dimension.

As a user, although the doctor has the preoperative image as the basis for judgment during the operation, each operation is unique and needs the real-time information provided by the intraoperative 3D image as the basis for the intraoperative diagnosis and treatment operation.

2. Accurate determination of surgical effect


In MPR images, the information of the coronal, sagittal and transverse planes greatly improves the doctor's judgment on the lesion area and the surgical effect.

Three, escort for surgery

The richer information brought by the real-time 3D images during the operation can be used as the basis for doctors to judge the operation of the operation, as well as the real-time image judgment basis after the operation, so as to ensure the effect of the operation.

In previous surgeries, it may happen that a certain surgical effect needs to be adjusted in the postoperative CT examination of the imaging department, and it often needs to be returned to Taiwan, revision, etc. to solve the problem. The intraoperative 3D imaging function provided by the mobile 3D C-arm can incorporate this step into the surgical process, effectively reducing the risks for both doctors and patients, and escorting the operation.

Fourth, the image basis of robot navigation

In recent years, the clinical application of robotic navigation equipment has become more and more extensive, and 3D imaging is the basis for the surgical execution of the robotic navigation system.

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