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What is DR? What are the advantages of suspension DR Applications?

Digital Radiography (DR) refers to the technical method of directly reading the X-ray image information recorded by the induction medium under the control of the computer, and reproducing or recording the image in the form of digital image. It is composed of a probe board, a scanning controller, a system control and an image display connected by a series of cables. Its use method is more concise: the detection board is placed behind the patient corresponding to the X-ray tube, and the X-ray information received by the detection board is directly changed into digital signals, which are transmitted to the control part of the system through the cable for processing into images, and the images are displayed through the image display.


Digital radiography, as a widely used medical imaging program, has an irreplaceable advantage in the examination of diseases of the chest, abdomen and spine joints.The current digital X-ray inspection equipment, according to the different mechanical structure design, can be divided into the following types of DR Mechanical structure: U-arm DR, double column DR, suspension DR And bedside DR. Among them, the ball tube support arm of suspension DR Is suspended on the roof, and the suspension head combined with multi-angle free moving camera bed and electric lifting chest frame can easily realize a variety of digital photography and chest X-ray shooting in vertical/horizontal position, greatly improving work efficiency.


Perlove Suspension DR

The advantages of suspension DR Application are reflected in the following points:

1.The suspension motion range is large, the lifting cylinder can be lifted up and down and move horizontally and longitudinally along the sky rail, to meet a variety of position shooting, when the movement of patients with difficulty in positioning, the flexible suspension of high precision frame system, as well as the telescopic ball system can meet the needs of a variety of position shooting.

2. The head of the suspension DR Is controlled by the touch screen, which can easily realize the positioning function of one-button chest position and one-button lower bed position, complete the free switch between chest position and lower bed position, and take pictures faster.

3. The frame design is very flexible, high degree of motorization, automatic tracking function is realized in the head, chest frame and camera bed box.

4. Workflow optimization, the operation of the interface between outpatient and emergency patients, fully considering the practical clinical application, emergency mode can ensure that patients directly take the film first, then improve the information, to win time for first aid.

5. As a radiology inspection equipment with a large shooting range and flexible mechanical motion, suspension DR Is also equipped with additional functions such as electric motion, automatic tracking, one-button positioning, etc., which can rapidly improve diagnosis and treatment efficiency and optimize technicians' work flow in practical applications. It should be the first choice of medical institutions when funds, computer rooms and other conditions permit.


The Perlove suspension DR Is equipped with 100μm high-quality dynamic flat detector, which not only meets the requirements of conventional digital X-ray whole-body photography, but also has a variety of functions such as digital photography, digital fluoroscopy, digital angiography, panoramic stitching, which greatly expands the scope of clinical application of X-ray examination and brings more practical value for clinical application in hospitals. The high-definition imaging based on Baiwei tablet has higher image clarity and resolution, which can meet the high quality requirements of different examination sites for detailed imaging. It is applied in the imaging of complex bones and soft tissues such as chest, abdomen, spine, etc., which is more convenient to observe hidden lesions and accurately identify difficult diseases.


Different from static DR When photographing hidden lesions, overlapping lesions of tissue are difficult to distinguish, time-consuming and easy to miss diagnosis and misdiagnosis, Perlove suspension DR Can carry out multi-angle dynamic observation for overlapping lesions or easily blocked lesions through dynamic real-time continuous imaging, and realize dynamic and static transfer point film within millisecond level, fast and accurate photography. For example, with occulted rib fracture, the patient's breathing and suction process can be observed under fluoroscopy to avoid overlapping images and quickly point the film, so as to ensure that the disease at the examination site is not missed and accurate diagnosis can be achieved.


Perlove suspension-type mechanical structure and retractable bulb system can help realize no-dead Angle positioning, meet the needs of a variety of body positions, and with the design of intelligent lifting bed, even for the photography of patients in wheelchairs and moving beds, the suspension-type DR Can also cope freely.

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