Why Perlove

Join healthy and quality growth with us in the global arena

Healthy Career

At Perlove, we create every innovation to meet the needs of the Medical staff and deliver value to patients. What you are joining is a career concerning human health. We embrace a shared vision: better healthcare for all.

Global Arena

At Perlove, we provide products and solutions to customers in more than 100 countries to meet global medical challenges. In our global R&D, sales, and service network, you can always find a stage to showcase your talent.

Solid Footsteps

At Perlove, through sound management and development strategies, we have always maintained steady progress. We respect and enrich your professionalism. You can look forward to sustained growth and ample reward.

Our Culture

A culture aligned with our customers

Everything we do begins and ends with meeting customer needs. By meeting their needs effectively, we aim to earn respect and trust of our customers around the world. How? In the past 17 years, we have not stopped the pace of innovation and are committed to integrating the latest technology into the R&D of medical equipment. By embracing a spirit of craftsmanship, we strive for perfection, precision, and practicality in everything we do to provide high-quality products and services.

Hot Recruiting Positions

International Trade Manager

1.qualification:Bachelor and above, over two years of foreign trade experience ;English major or international trade major;have excellent oral English ability to have barrier-free communication with foreign customers

2.What you will get:colorful spare time:basketball games and parent-child activities at regular intervals; offer five insurances and house funds once hired with two-day weekend; you can also have a chance to attend overseas exhibitions to experience local conditions and customs.

International Trade Assistant

1.qualification:Bachelor and above, fluent foreign language ability(English/Spanish/Russian/French/Arabic)is preferred; experience unlimited.

2.What you will get:offer five insurances and house funds once hired with two-day weekend; offer you professional Foreign trade affairs training until you have the competence to develop foreign trade business by yourself in short terms.

Overseas after-sales engineer


1.College degree or above;
2.Electrical engineering ,automation and electronics related majors;
3.CET 4 above or excellent oral English and listening skills (Nanjing only)
4.Familiar with medical device laws and regulations, familiar with analog electronic circuits and computer operations;
5.Medical after-sales service experience is preferred;


1.Responsible for the installation, commissioning, training and acceptance, repair and maintenance of client-side products;
2.Responsible for the communication and feedback of client-sideinformation andoffer reasonable suggestions;
3. for the payment collection work during and beyond the warranty period ;
4.Assist the regional director to complete the goal;
5.Summarize the work every month, and formulate work plans and goals for the next month;
6.Other tasks assigned by the leader;

Connect With us, hr@perlove.com.cn