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What are the advantages of the mechanical structure of the flat panel DR in clinical applications?

After a century of development, universal radiography has now become a widely used examination means worldwide. With multiple functions such as film, fluoroscopy, contrast and whole body stitching, dynamic flat panel DR can better meet the high standard clinical needs of medical institutions, help build the capacity of medical institutions and provide better services to patients.

The mechanical structure of a dynamic flat panel DR has a direct impact on the clinical use, because the performance of the mechanical structure has a decisive impact on the convenience of the technician's operation and positioning, as well as the patient's comfort in performing the examination. The evaluation of the mechanical structure of a bed-type dynamic flat-panel DR mainly depends on two indicators, one is the movement ability of the ball tube and column, and the other is the movement ability of the bed, from these two subdivided into multiple movement parameters, such as the ball tube swing angle, bed rotation angle, bed movement range, etc., these movement parameters alone or multiple with each other to varying degrees affect the effectiveness of the use of equipment.

Perlove's PLD7900 series is such a multifunctional dynamic plate DR, what are the advantages of its mechanical structure?

Intelligent bed lift

The camera bed of dynamic flat-panel DR is the carrier that supports the patient for different types of examinations. The bed height of the camera bed directly affects the convenience and comfort of the patient's examination. Intelligent lifting bed design, bed surface can achieve up and down, front and back, left and right six-way floating, auxiliary position more convenient; bed body can be lifted to reduce the patient's pain when moving the bed, to avoid secondary injury to patients; also facilitate the old, young, sick, disabled or mobility inconvenience to get in and out of bed.


Automatic tracking structure

The ball tube and chest film holder are two-way, real-time automatic tracking structure, which can also be operated remotely in a compartment to improve examination efficiency and effectively avoid cross infection.


Independent long rail design

The independent long guide rail design allows the bulb tube column to move in a wide range to meet the requirements of prone position, standing position, wheelchair or stretcher all-round angle photography, the column can be easily moved to both ends of the bed to achieve a wide range of bulb tube elevation, which can easily meet the requirements of knee, ankle and other low position photography and weight-bearing position photography.


Low-position photography

The tube and chest frame can be moved longitudinally in a wide range, and the center of the tube is as low as 35cm above the ground, which can easily meet the requirements of low-level photography such as knee and ankle joints.


Arbitrary angle photography

The bulb can be positioned at any angle in the same plane, supporting multi-angle projection, which is very convenient and efficient for special positions (e.g., cervical orthostatic, open mouth, skull base chin top, skull base axis, etc.), and is widely used in clinical applications.


Spherical tube device rotation

The bedside display device can be rotated in a wide range and has the function of positioning every 90 degrees. For critically ill patients and patients with limited mobility, the examination in all directions can be completed without moving the patient, and the humanized design brings great convenience to patients.


Perlove Flat Panel DR

Mechanical structure is only one indicator in a multifunctional dynamic flat panel DR, but the efficient and practical design can bring infinite care and help to patients. With an intelligent elevated examination bed and comprehensive ball and tube motion, the Pride Multifunctional Dynamic DR can easily achieve a variety of general and special imaging examinations. It is truly a patient-oriented and clinically based concept, giving more care to the examinee

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