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Perlove Medical Revolutionizes Healthcare in Pakistan: Elevating Diagnosis and Treatment at Gwadar Port Hospital with High-End Suspension DR Technology for Pakistan Railways

   Recently, Perlove medical engineers successfully completed the Chinese-aided suspension DR and C-arm installation task in Pakistan. The equipment will be quickly put into use soon, bringing accurate and efficient imaging diagnosis to local people.


Pakistan leaders took a group photo during the inspection

   The Gwadar Port Hospital in Pakistan was built with assistance from the Chinese government and is one of the important projects in the construction of my country's "Belt and Road" and "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor".


   Knowing the urgency of the local hospital's demand for this product, Pride engineer Zhang Linbing quickly traveled thousands of miles to the Gwadar Port Hospital in Pakistan to carry out machine installation, commissioning, training and other work. Strictly follow the operating specifications, carefully complete every step, and complete the delivery of the equipment with high quality as quickly as possible.


   During this trip, the engineer traveled to 3 airports, and it took 2 days to arrive at the project site one way. The luggage was lost during the transit, the local supplies were severely lacking, and the living conditions at the project location were very difficult... Even in such a difficult situation, engineer Zhang Lin continued to give full play to the professionalism of Perlove people who are not afraid of hardships and struggles, and successfully completed the installation and product training tasks of suspension DR and C-arm.

   As one of the aiding devices, the Perlove suspension DR has rich exposure levels and powerful post-processing functions, which can obtain rich diagnostic information and high-definition digital images; it is highly intelligent, flexible in movement, and supports all-round free and barrier-free positioning Photography can fully meet the examination needs of all parts of the body such as the head, chest, abdomen, limbs, etc., and provide doctors with accurate basis for clinical diagnosis.

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   PLX118F series mobile flat-panel C-arm X-ray machine can be widely used in orthopedics, general surgery, orthopedics, trauma surgery, urology, spine surgery, pain surgery, gastroenterology, gynecology and other departments. Equipped with a digital imaging chain, it can achieve fast and clear imaging. It also uses intelligent variable frequency pulse fluoroscopy technology to optimize image quality while reducing radiation dose and protecting the health of doctors and patients.


   This installation is the first time that Perlove suspended DR and PLX118F series mobile flat-panel C-arm X-ray machines have landed in a Pakistani hospital, providing strong equipment support for local people to carry out accurate image diagnosis services. Perlove Medical is willing to take this assistance event as an opportunity to actively participate in China-Pakistan friendly exchanges and cooperation, do its best to provide assistance to Pakistan with medical imaging equipment needed, demonstrate the responsibility and responsibility of Chinese medical equipment enterprises, and promote China-Pakistan friendly relations. Contribute to development!

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