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Ten Years of the Belt and Road Initiative: Showcasing 'PerLove Smart Manufacturing' to the World!

   From the ancient Silk Road to the modern-day 'Belt and Road Initiative,' China's journey in smart manufacturing has never ceased. Over the past decade since the inception of the Belt and Road Initiative, an increasing number of Chinese brands have ventured beyond their borders, shining brightly on the international stage. The year 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. Throughout these ten years, the initiative has steadfastly adhered to the principles of consultation, joint construction, and shared benefits, providing robust support and driving force for the establishment of a shared human destiny and the seamless integration of domestic and international cycles. Looking back at the past decade, it has also been a decade in which PerLove Medical responded to the call of the Belt and Road, strategized for international markets—a story of dreams and responsibilities.

   PerLove Medical has been deeply engaged in medical imaging for twenty years, specializing in over a hundred intelligent robots and imaging devices, including orthopedic surgical robots, C-arm machines, DR (Digital Radiography), dynamic DRF (Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy), digital gastrointestinal devices, etc. The company has established a global marketing and service network, with products exported to over 100 countries and regions. In many Belt and Road countries, 'PerLove Smart Manufacturing' has received widespread recognition and acclaim.


   Belt and Road Collaboration Projects: To actively respond to the Belt and Road Initiative and support the global expansion of PerLove products, PerLove Medical has actively expanded its overseas markets and established long-term cooperation with medical institutions in numerous Belt and Road cities. PerLove has brought not only advanced technology and competitive prices but also the philosophy of promoting medical development through mutual exchange of expertise, sharing cutting-edge techniques, and advocating collaborative progress.


   ◆ 2023 Gwadar Port Hospital Project in Pakistan: The Gwadar Port Hospital project in Pakistan is one of the significant initiatives under China's Belt and Road and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. PerLove Medical has delivered multiple imaging devices to Pakistani hospitals, providing essential equipment support for precise diagnostics. Seizing this opportunity for aid, PerLove Medical has actively participated in China-Pakistan friendly exchanges and cooperation, contributing to the promotion of friendly relations between the two countries.

   ◆ 2022 Key Belt and Road Projects: PerLoveMedical, in collaboration with the World Bank, completed the delivery of 40 C-arm machines as part of an international procurement project in Uzbekistan.The United Nations World Health Organization procured 31 high-end DR systems to support healthcare development in Kyrgyzstan.The high-quality products of PerLove Medical will continue to follow the footsteps of the ancient Silk Road, extending to a broader range of Belt and Road countries, providing high-quality medical services to more patients worldwide.


   ◆ Collaborating with Experts and Promoting Academic and Clinical Exchange: In response to academic and clinical exchanges both domestically and internationally, PerLove Medical organizes experts to conduct remote guidance and training, helping establish a 'doctors' team that stays in place' in local regions. Moreover, PerLove welcomes foreign physicians to come to China, visit PerLove, exchange knowledge, or undergo training, fostering academic exchanges between China and the rest of the world and enhancing the clinical proficiency of healthcare professionals.


   Online Expert Exchange High-Quality Products and Comprehensive Services: In recent years, PerLove Medical has continuously increased its investment in research and development, enhancing product quality and technological capabilities. Leveraging the company's rich product portfolio, we customize products and services tailored to the needs of overseas customers.

   With a mature logistics distribution system and an excellent team of engineers, we ensure the safe delivery of equipment to our customers through standardized and digitized processes. Innovative products coupled with end-to-end attentive services—PerLove Medical contributes to the development of healthcare initiatives in Belt and Road countries.


   Looking ahead, PerLove Medical will see more products and in-depth collaborative projects take root in Belt and Road countries, crafting a more brilliant chapter on the international stage and contributing PerLove's strength to the advancement of global healthcare initiatives!"

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