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2024 SHARE MORE, DO MORE丨Perlove Medical International Distributor Promotion Conference

The 89th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF 2024), a much-anticipated medical industry event, was held from April 11th to 14th in Shanghai. As a local Chinese company, PerloveMedical has been deeply engaged in medical devices for more than 20 years, and is committed to providing advanced "orthopedic surgical robots + medical imaging products" clinical solutions for patients around the world. In this industry event, Perlove Medical not only displayed the latest R&D achievements as an exhibitor, but also acted as a host to have in-depth exchanges with peers and customers from all over the world to share experience and business opportunities.


After the expo, Perlove medical will continue the enthusiasm and professionalism, on April 15 in the beautiful Nanjing, held a conference for overseas agents, around the annual theme of "SHARE MORE, DO MORE", with distributors and partners to discuss the market trends, expand the space for cooperation, and deepen the brand strategy.


Ms. Miao Yuan, General Manager of International Trade of Perlove Medical, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all customers for their long-term support and recognition of Perlove Medical. At the same time, she also expressed her warm welcome to the customers who came from afar to participate in the activity. She emphasized the importance of SHARE, which is not only an exchange of knowledge and experience, but also an incentive for each other to take action. "From Dubai to China, we continue to deliver the spirit of 'SHARE MORE, DO MORE' and hope to create greater value with more partners." Ms. Miao Yuan expressed the importance of international cooperation for Perlove Medical.


01 Product upgrading and sharing high-end innovation

In the increasingly fierce competition in the international market, high-quality products are the core competitiveness of enterprises, and scientific research strength and product innovation ability form the foundation of international cooperation and development. "In recent years, with the introduction of a series of cutting-edge products such as orthopedic surgical robots, dynamic flat-panel DRF, large field of view dynamic DR, etc., the product line of Perlove Medical has fully entered the new era of "full range of high-end"The product manager of Perlove Medical explained the products and clinical advantages of PerloveMedical to the participants.


Mr. Wang Boyao, Director of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, has successfully carried out more than 100 minimally invasive spine surgeries with the help of Perlove  orthopedic surgical robots. Mr. Wang shared the importance and value of orthopedic surgical robots in clinical applications. Director Wang emphasized that robot-assisted surgery plays a key role in improving surgical efficiency, reducing intraoperative radiation exposure, and optimizing the patient's recovery process.


The representative of the distributor partner shared Perlove's experience of entering the home market at the meeting. He emphasized that compared with internationally renowned brands, Perlove has performed well in terms of product introduction suitability and service response speed, and a number of high-end medical devices have been successfully installed and put into use in the country.


Sharing with distributors and partners

02 Factory tour In-depth communication 

Dealer partners visited the whole process of R&D, manufacturing, quality control, marketing and after-sales service of Perlove, and had a more intuitive and deeper understanding of Perlove's professional ability and all-round service. The immersive experience deepened customers' understanding of product quality and company strength, and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.



03 Cultural exchange

In this internationalized exchange activity, in order to let the customers from all over the world know more about Chinese culture, Perlove medical carefully arranged a series of cultural exchange activities. Visiting the ancient Fuzi Temple allows customers to experience the folk customs of Nanjing.


During the exchange dinner, colleagues from Perlove's international trade department presented a bilingual poetry recitation "Moonlit Night of Spring River Flowers", which conveyed the beautiful mood of classical Chinese poems to every audience. Ancient Chinese dance, Chinese traditional musical instrument performance and magical Sichuan Opera face-changing performance drew cheers from the customers on the spot.


Mr. Lu Fenghui, General Manager of Perlove Medical, performed the English song "Right Here Waiting", which infected everyone present, and the audience lit up the venue with the light of cell phones, a sea of stars, and danced with the songs, spending a warm and unforgettable night together.



04 Activities lucky draw lucky time

In order to thank the distributors and partners for their continuous support and recognition of Perlove, the meeting set up a number of rounds of lucky draw interactions, not only with well-prepared gifts, but also cultural exchanges between different countries, which enhanced mutual understanding and friendship, and further broadened PerloveI's horizons of international cooperation.




From overseas pioneering to global blossoming, from the initial acquaintance to the establishment of deep trust, Perlove's products and services have won the trust and support of many overseas customers. We are looking forward to working with more partners and contributing to the development of the medical industry together.

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2024 Perlove Medical International Promotion Conference

The second stop (Nanjing in April) ended brilliantly.

Thank you for the recognition and support of all partners!


Let's join hands and move forward

Create unlimited possibilities for the future of medicine

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