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2023 Intervention Radiology Course(VII) successfully completed

From Feb. 20 to Feb. 23, 2023, Perlove Medical, with Nanjing First Hospital, successfully carried out Intervention Radiology Course(VII) to help doctors improve their clinical skills and research. The training course has provided professional intervention training for hundreds of medical staff with its strong faculty and specialty advantages.

Experts gathered to discuss intervention development

The training teachers are the intervention experts of Nanjing First Hospital. The interventional vascular Department of Nanjing First Hospital, founded in 1984, is one of the earliest units to carry out interventional diagnosis and treatment in East China. The hospital is a national authoritative base for continuing education, with strong faculty, prominent specialty advantages and a full range of diseases, which provides high teaching resources for training and learning.


The course covers specialized fields such as non-vascular intervention, tumor intervention and peripheral vascular intervention. The teachers have rich clinical experience combined with clinical cases to help students better master clinical knowledge and carry out clinical work. It will promote the development of intervention radiology and make it better benefit the people. 


The experts gave answers to the difficult questions encountered by the trainees in their clinical work or in the course of study, and shared the clinical skills that need to be paid attention to in clinical surgery to help the trainees carry out their clinical work better.

Step Close to Clinic

The trainees went to Nanjing First Hospital to observe the surgery on site and get a close understanding of the current interventional clinical technology. In the course, the trainees seized the opportunity to discuss difficult clinical problems with interventional experts, and the clinicians shared their rich experience in interventional surgery with the trainees. Meanwhile the trainees also mastered the clinical application of mobile flat panel C-arm as well as relevant instruments and consumables, in the operation.


In the course, the trainees learned the advanced puncture positioning techniques at home and abroad, and practiced the operation of animal specimens under the guidance of the mobile flat panel C-arm. The teachers demonstrated the operation and explain the key precautions, and then the students operated individually. In addition, the teachers gave timely guidance on site to facilitate the students to better grasp the learned knowledge. The mobile flat panel C-arm can generate the clear images that help the trainees to see every detail clearly.


Technological innovation benefiting patients

Ever since the company was founded in 2003, Perlove Medical is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research, production, sales and service of medical imaging equipment. While the focus of these activities has varied, one thing has never changed: Perlove is customer demand-oriented and has always demonstrated a strong commitment to society with the right and qualified product and service. As a high-tech company, Perlove firmly engage in self-research and technology innovation to make products close to clinical demand and continuously enhance the progress of interventional medical technology.

With clear clinical images and convenient clinical operation, the mobile flat panel C-arm has been recognized by more and more experts. The mobile flat panel interventional C-arm is the ideal equipment for the oncology interventional department of the major primary hospitals and the specialized interventional use of tertiary hospitals.


Applicable Departments:

Oncology, ERCP Room, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology, Respiratory department, General Surgery ......


Doctors bring health and hope to patients. Perlove Medical is willing to provide power for interventional radiology with technological innovation. At the same time, we are dedicated to providing a better learning, communication and sharing platform for more and more clinical doctors! Perlove Medical will continue to hold the "Intervention Radiology Course" (once every 2 months), and the class will be held when there are 10 people, so that interventionists who have the need can contact us and communicate their learning needs in advance. This will not only improve the quality of learning, but also enhance the professional level of interventionists. It is hoped that we can all work hard in our own fields to promote the development of interventional disciplines and make interventional medicine better benefit the people.


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