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C-arm brand sales list 2023

In February 2023, Yibai Zhihui (Medical Recruitment), a professional data consulting agency in China's medical industry, announced the "2022 China Medical Equipment Inventory: C-arm Brand List", and Perlove Medical ranked first with 23.18% of the market share!



1. Mobile three-dimensional C-shaped arm won the 15th China Patent Appearance Design Gold Medal


Perlove Medical mobile three-dimensional C-arm with excellent function and design, won the China Appearance design gold medal. At the same time, the product case was compiled into the textbook "Revelation of Typical Cases of Chinese Patent".

China Design Gold Award: The China Patent Award is jointly conducted by the State Intellectual Property Office of China and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It is the only government award that rewards authorized patents in China, and it is the highest honor in China's patent field.


2. The first manufacturer of full-process solutions for both flat three-dimensional C-arm and orthopedic surgical robot


The three-dimensional C-arm independently developed and produced by Perlove Medical (with independent core independent intellectual property rights) and orthopedic surgery robot can be used in combination. With the help of integrated adaptive registration technology, automatic registration and registration can be realized. The registration process does not require manual intervention, and the accuracy is not affected by the image quality. Better system compatibility, more accurate information matching, more convenient registration process.


3. Mobile C-arm arrives at Antarctic research station


The Polar Research Center of China has designated the mobile C-arm as the special equipment for surgical treatment for the Chinese Antarctic research team after several investigations and investigations. Perlove Medical mobile C-arm has been used so far, and the image is clear, which provides great help to the Antarctic medical team.


Complete product line

-Fit clinical continuously innovation-

Perlove Medical has been deeply engaged in medical imaging for 20 years, constantly upgrading technology and iterating products, from film to tablet, from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, from orthopedics to intervention... Product functions continue to improve, product categories continue to be rich, to meet the clinical needs of different medical institutions.

Rencent News

【Clinical Case】-Application of Large Image Output C-arm in Sacral Nerve Modulation Surgery

【Clinical Case】-Application of Large Image Output C-arm in Sacral Nerve Modulation Surgery

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What if the vertebral deformity is difficult to operate on?

What if the vertebral deformity is difficult to operate on?

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Perlove Medical reappeared in ECR 2023

Perlove Medical reappeared in ECR 2023

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