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At the end of April, 2021,"Double mutant" Covid variant have brought huge panic for people worldwide.Based on China’s experience in fighting the epidemic, mobile digital X-ray would be the best solution to diagnose especially for the suspected cases in isolation ward and areas whom not allowed and unable to CT room for exams. As the backbone of medical equipment industry,Perlove Medical is ready for offering mobile X-ray system to countries in need, which will be helpful assistant for early finding the COVID-19.

As your professional consultant, we are experienced in fighting against the COVID-19 with our honory achievements. Looking back to 2020, Perlove Medical received a total of hundreds of urgent orders from many countries around the world.We have participated in United Nations aid projects for many times and are the preferred supplier of United Nations COVID-19 prevention project. Also, our popular products are approved with CE, which greatly showed our quality and strength.

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Among all of our X-ray medical equipment,the mobile DR(Digital Radiography System) can help on early diagnosis of COVID-19–which is a very important work to divide the patients who are infected by COVID-19,and who are just infected by common virus.Also, the mobile DR will help to track the recovery process of COVID-19 patients according to the images of lung. Most of hospitals in China ordered our mobile DR, and also the United Nations purchased big quantity of mobile DR for fighting with COVID-19,which makes Perlove be the 1st brand of mobile DR in China.

Imaging Product Solutions Against COVID-19

How to use X-ray system to detect COVID-19 early?

The initial symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to normal pneumonia,such as high fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing, etc.X-ray images can detect suspected cases and critically ill patients within 2 minutes.

X-ray images of initial patients often show single or multiple small patchy shadows, film glass shadows,etc.The lesions are mainly distributed in the lower lung membrane of the lung, and white lungs may appear in severe cases.

Clinical image comparison

Mobile X-ray machine still plays an important role even after COVID-19 confirmed, effectively tracking the treatment effect of isolated patients.

Digital Radiography (DR) Examination Solution

1. One unit DR X-ray machine should be prepared and used specially for epidemic patients.
2. The equipment and x-ray room must be strictly disinfected.
3. Table-side photography is recommended for critically ill patients.

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3.1. A mobile DR should be placed in the epidemic isolation room and other key areas to take table-side photography for critically ill patients.
3.2. After table-side shooting, put on and take off the protective clothing according to the standard operation sequence, and put the cleaned protective equipment into the Yellow garbage bag according to the requirements. If condition permits, it is recommended that the shooting technician be on standby for two weeks in the isolation ward. After leaving the isolation ward, they will be observed in the designated area of the hospital for 14 days, and then return to normal work after confirming that there was no infection.
3.3 When taking table-side photography, the FPD and IP board should be in good protection. It is recommended to cover the FPD with the plastic bag and disinfect after use.
3.4 Please make sure the machine is specially and only used for the table-side examination for critically ill diagnosed patients in key areas. The mobile device can not leave the isolation ward and other key areas before the epidemic is over. After the complex, the machine can be returned to the original working place after thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Operator Preparation:
The technician shall adopt the first or second level protection if intelligent positioning is available. Otherwise, the technician shall strictly implement the second level protection.
If there is any work that may cause the respiratory tract secretion and substances spraying patient’s respiratory tract, such as sputum suction, respiratory tract sampling, endotracheal intubation and tracheotomy, third-level protection must be adopted.

Patient Preparation:
Carefully check the consultation sheet and precautions to clarify the purpose and requirements of the examination.
Wear medical surgical mask or N95 medical protective mask during the examination.
Remove metal on neck or chest and other high-density items, such as underwear, zippers, buttons,etc.

If the patient’s condition is special, like children or critically ill patients, then need to be accompanied by family members or medical staff to complete the examination. The protection requirements of accompanying personnel shall not be lower than the secondary protection standard and radiation protection for patients and accompanying personnel shall be well done.

As of the end of October 2020, Perlove Medical has produced nearly three thousands sets of various equipment. Among them, more than thousands of sets were sent to China, and a total of 52 engineers were sent to the front line. Due to the serious epidemic situation in Wuhan, 16 engineers went in three batches, completing the installation and training tasks of many hospitals without any minute of rest, providing timely medical equipment support for field hospitals of Wuhan.

In the global epidemic prevention and control, Perlove Medical received a total of many urgent orders from a lot of countries around the world, with a single order of more than several units. Fight against the coronavirus, Perlove on the way. Perlove Medical will stand by all the medical staff to win this war without fire.

Perlove Medical Solutions

PLX5200A 50KW Mobile Digital Radiography System

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PLX5200A Mobile Digital Radiography System

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PLX5100 Mobile Digital Radiography System

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1.How to detect Corona virus with your X-ray machine ?

At the beginning, the patients will cough and difficulty in breathing,So diagnostic kit is one way, and taking chest imagie double confirming is very necessary.That is why chinese government was purchasing huge quantities to make hospitals keeping mobile DR standby two sets for each one at least.

And our mobile DR is used to take the x-ray image of the lung , if the lung has some shadow or have some problem, the doctor can know it immediately and then ask the patient to do the COVID-19 Real-time PCR Kit and double check.

As you know the COVID-19 Real-time PCR Kit test is very expensive and quantites limited (just like mask,once price is high and could not buy it from anywhere ) , but X-ray test is quickly and cheap, so in China,all the patients will do X-ray test in advance.

2. I am planning on investing on expanding.My problem is all hospitals already have hi-tech x-ray machines here.Why will they buy another one.
How is yours better than what they have currently?

Maybe you think your local hospital already have some X-ray system, but it is different.

As you know the corona virus is highly infectious, so even the hospital have the fixed X-ray, you cannot ask the patients to go into crowed X-ray room to do X-ray test again, it may affect more patients. And affected patients are very weak and could not move anywhere.

In China, the hospital will isolate the suspected patients at first, and then take the Mobile Digital X-ray system to do the X-ray one by one.

Even some hospital have the mobile analog one, it cannot get immediately X-ray image results, that’t why our mobile digital machine is quickly and safety to control the infection.

3. I want to forward this to our government,Do you have reference image who effected?

4. Can it do corona virus only? Is it able to do other tests? Please Confirm?

Yes, it is not only diagnose the corona virus but also other disease.This mobile DR can take image for all the body part friendly, so it is widely used in radiography department and ICU room. Caused of the flexible movement, it can be taken image for very weak patients to inspect chest/head/limbs/lumbarlspine etc.

5. Urgently send me a list of diagnostic machines for COVID-19 and their costs and specifications l recommend to my government urgent.Delivery time?

Fristly PLX5100 mobile DR,which we have supported china government fight against virus with large quantities.
Currently we received some urgent inquiry with large quantities from South Africa and Europe already, and the production time is so much urgently.All of our staff are working overtime without weekends now, just for supporting overseas government new coming orders. So please hurry up to place the order in case delay ordering and bring trouble for local government and hospitals.
According to China experience,We are racing against time.